Heaven Sent Reviews

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"Amanda Bews is an excellent writer, with a great knack for creating a sense of curiosity and provoking questions. Heaven Sent conveys a picture of our real world. Our young people are living in the culture portrayed in this story. We should face it head on and educate our young people in the context in which they find themselves. This is an important story and the discussion guides are nothing short of brilliant in their depth and simplicity."
—Ty Gibson, author, A God Named Desire
Heaven Sent is an honest look at the struggles, pressures and confusion facing teenagers in contemporary Australia. Beautifully and sensitively written, Amanda Bews explores the decisions, choices and outcomes that Heaven makes as she negotiates her parents’ unhappy marriage, deals with peer pressure, drugs and alcohol, sexual abuse and an unplanned pregnancy. The book and study guide are a valuable resource for helping teens seeking to develop lifelong values that will minimise hurts and regret.
—Paul O’Rourke, CEO, Emily’s Voice, author, Why Satan Hates our Kids


"Heaven Sent is absolutely brilliant. The transformation of the main character is powerful, the cast of characters is great and I was totally emotionally invested in Heaven’s journey. I literally laughed out loud, cried and kept reading because the anticipation of what Heaven was going to do was killing me! Amanda has tackled a really relevant subject—and has done it in a way that definitely resonates as being realistic."
—Karen Collum, author
"I was captivated by this story and had to keep reading to see what happened to this poor young girl. My heart ached for her as she made her tough decisions. Most teens are being confronted daily with these same issues. They need help in thinking them through and identifying the consequences. Amanda presents the grace of God as demonstrated by a caring, responsible friend and church community. This will give hope to those teens who already feel that their lives are useless and out of control. I also see huge value in the study guides that have been written as they will encourage discussion and support."
—Julie Weslake, children's ministries leader, Sydney, Australia
"I look forward to seeing this courageous book in high school classrooms, church youth groups, homes and any place where there are teens, or people who care about teens. Heaven Sent is a captivating story about real life as a teen today. It gives hope by celebrating youthfulness and by providing sound perspectives on real-life teen issues. Even better, the book comes with an outstanding discussion guide packed with excellent resources."
—Eddie Tupai , pastor and church leader, Auckland
Heaven Sent ushers parents, educators and teenagers alike into the real world that everyone knows exists, but few dare explore. Emerging from the murky waters of a dysfunctional family, Heaven attempts to navigate through a maze of sexual pressures and intoxication; she finally slips and faces up to lasting consequences of a momentary weakness. Amanda Bews writes candidly, honestly, truthfully, yet not offensively. She offers hope and the prospect of a new lease on joy and peace for any bruised young person. A good read for any teenager, the book, with its accompanying study guides, constitute an excellent tool for anyone who cares for and desires to bring a positive contribution in the lives of our fragile teens.”
—Gilbert R Cangy, pastor and youth ministries leader
"In this intriguing story, the author manages to raise many of the timely issues that our teens have to wrestle with. The place of sex, painful family circumstances, the use of alcohol, the value of faith and the struggle for acceptance are themes that are gently interwoven into Bews' narrative, producing a book that is hard to put down! Heaven Sent makes an important contribution to the on-going task of raising discussion and inviting choice over issues that often determine both direction and long-term happiness." 
—Paul Bogacs, marriage and family therapist